Aunty Social’s Knittaz With Attitude group has been furiously knitting and crocheting to create a knitted local street scene in the shop window on Central Drive.  Members of the knitting group have contributed pieces of knitting which have been combined to create 3D models.  
Who has helped?
A variety of people.  Absolute beginners to knitting ninjas.  Ages range from 9 years to 88.  We’ve also had contributions posted in from other towns across the UK. 
The next stage is to work with local people on a number of yarnbombs (knitted graffiti) located in the streets around the area which will tie in (no pun intended) with the window installation.  We will also include objects made by workshop participants in the display.  
Get involved
If you want to come and yarnbomb with us, take a look at www.auntysocial.co.uk or www.facebook.com/loveauntysocial  for information on dates and times.  New knitters/crocheters will also get a free ‘starter kit’ with needles/hooks and wool so that you can continue your new hobby at home.
Aunty Social’s installation will be on display until 16 June 2013.



Using recycled materials, Boz Phillips and Mr Dee have created animals and pet shop supplies to install into one of the empty shops on Central Drive (previously Mikeys carpets and for many years before, the Charmanta hairdressers).

 The story of the shop…

Proprietor Dr Evoe left his job as a nuclear scientist in 1973 and decided to open a pet shop in Blackpool.
The animals in the ‘Fantasy Pet Shop’ (Dr Evoe’s Pet Shop) have been there for some time. They have been eating the pet food left in the shop. The pet food ‘suitable for all pets big or small’ was patented by its proprietor, who left to go on holiday in 1974, but never returned. The animals left there have now changed and are taking over the shop…

The story was the inspiration for the children to draw ‘Fantasy Pets’ during a workshop at Ibbison Court Centre and for the children of year four at Revoe Primary  School during their art class. A group of home-schooled children from the area also participated.

This was the children’s brief

All we require from your young people is drawings of ‘Fantasy Animals’. Their drawings will be the inspiration for the work we make in the shop window. We will use their ‘fantasy animals’ to make animals in 2d and 3d. The children may have ideas about –

What colour the animals are
Will the animals have fur, scales or feathers or a mixture of these?
Will the animals be big or small?
Will they be a mixture of 2 or 3 animals e.g. – a mouse with an elephants head? An alligator with a mouse’s tail?

And we included the story above minus Dr Evoe’s name

Using the drawings,  Boz Phillips and Mr Dee created animals and other items for the shop: ‘We already had our own ideas about what items to include in the shop. We also wanted to work with the children from the area and find a way of incorporating their art works in to the Fantasy Pet Shop. Inspiring their imaginations through a story using fantasy animals as a theme we felt that the children could participate in this community project.’

All the animals have been made using the designs/ ideas and images drawn by the local children. The name of the shop was kept a secret until the date of the installation, as we wanted this to be a surprise for the community and the children.

Community participation of local children, recycling and paying homage to the history of the area has been key to our aims for the work. We also wanted to make the work fun and engaging for all ages. The shop is being recycled as well as the area being rejuvenated and we have used recycled materials to create all the work

The shop sign ‘Dr Evoe’s Pets Shop’ on the window is sign written in a style that harks back to shops of the past. The items in the shop are based on vintage packaging and the animals and the other packaging aim to raise a smile.

We hope you enjoy the work. Check out our facebook page:


For their help and support we would like to thank

The children of Revoe and Central Drive area

Revoe School and their year 4 pupils

Julie Moore

Leslie O’Toole

Our friends

Revoe Library

Ibbison Court Community Centre

The Central Drive community

Friends of Muir Housing

Dr Evoe’s Pet Shop will be exhibited as part of the Central Drive Culture Shops project until 16th June.


interior shop photo

Artist Brendan Bunting recently spent time interacting with the community around Central Drive and talking to and photographing local shoppers to make up this installation for the Central Drive Culture Shops project,  a partnership between Blackpool Council’s Arts Service and Neighbourhoods Services, The Big Local Revoe-lution and CVS to bring three new rounds of artists displaying work over the spring / summer 2013.

Brendan’s photographs inspired this series of figurative drawings that incorporate some of the quotes taken from conversations with members of the Central Drive community.

“My artwork is inspired by not only the local community, but the resurgence of the high street. Thanks in part to the recent distrust in big chain supermarket brands, and people wanting fresh produce sourced locally, we have seen an increase in people buying their goods locally.

My work celebrates the vibrant and friendly feeling you get from taking a walk down local high streets like Central Drive. And it not only uses the images of the local community to translate the message, but their thoughts about the shopping hub that is Central Drive.”

Little Shoppers will be exhibited at 77-81 Central Drive until Tuesday 14 May.

You can find out more about Brendan Bunting and his artwork at: www.dapperart.com/



Tome ireland Central Drive Culture Shops image

Hold Your Breath (Something Beautiful May Happen) is a new text based artwork by Tom Ireland made specifically for the Central Drive Culture Shops project., a partnership between Blackpool Council’s Arts Service and Neighbourhoods Services, The Big Local Revoe-lution and CVS to bring three new rounds of artists displaying work over the spring / summer 2013.

The work centres around an interaction between image; a satellite image of the Apollo 11 landing site on the moon’s surface and text: a sentence composed by Ireland and is presented to the audience as a window vinyl designed to echo commercial window graphics.

This sentence is based around an exchange between the first man to walk on the moon Neil Armstrong and the NASA control room in Houston, Texas during the descent phase of the moon landing in July 1969. In the exchange Armstrong calls out “Houston, this is Tranquillity Base; the Eagle has landed” to which the NASA controller responds “Copy. Tranquillity Base. We can start breathing again. There’s a bunch of guys down here about to turn blue”.

For Hold Your Breath (Something Beautiful May Happen) this exchange is paraphrased and un-bracketing from context, allowing for transcendence to act upon meaning, enabling the words to adopt a wider utopian position concentrating on Central Drive and the immediate community.

The sentence within this new context offers a sense of possibility for the local community designed to establish a conceptual distance from the banalities and realities of the present. The sentence is deliberately open ended so as to allow for the audience who encounter the work to project their own ideas about what could happen establishing a space in which a range of scenarios for possible futures may occur.

Hold Your Breath (Something Beautiful May Happen) will be exhibited at 77-81 Central Drive until Tuesday 14 May.

For further information about Tom Ireland’s work see http://www.tomirelahdhq.org.uk.


dog image Linzi Cason

Would you like to take part in the ‘The Found Project’?

Round 1 of Central Drive Culture Shops includes work by photographer Linzi Cason who recently bought a vintage camera that contained an undeveloped roll of film. Linzi then developed this film and she was surprised by the visual story that unfolded of a man, a woman and a dog who likes very large bones…

Get Involved: Linzi is seeking your short stories or poems to interpret these pictures, the results of which will be used to build on the exhibition.

Please feel free to write your own short story or poem and post it through the letterbox of the shop on Central Drive to be featured alongside the photographs. You can also email Linzi your story or poem to the email address below.

“My artwork has predominantly been expressed in the medium of photography and explores daily life events and documenting my hometown Blackpool.

From the start of my photography education my eyes were opened up to the world in a different light. I am able to look at the banal and every day with creativity and inspiration to complete projects.

The main thread of portraits in my portfolio earned their places by having an interesting story behind them. I usually find that older generations have the most extraordinary stories and this is what I strive to capture in my photography.

The next chapter of my photography life stems from photos that aren’t my own. We constantly immerse ourselves in new imagery everyday whether we like it or not and looking back is always key to learning our future. Why not explore what others have done previously in such a way that I know nothing about the photographer? This means I am getting nearer to my own opinion with no preconceived ideas about the photographers history.:

For more information, please contact Linzi Cason at linzi@linzicasonphotography.co.uk


Volunteer clean up 2

We are pleased to announce that Culture Shops is back this April!

A new strand of the Culture Shops project sees Blackpool Art’s Service working in partnership with Blackpool Council’s Neighbourhood Services, The Big Local Revoe-lution and CVS to bring three new rounds of artists displaying work over the spring / summer for Culture Shops Central Drive.

This week has been very busy as a small army of enthusiastic local volunteers have been working hard to make the spaces ready for the artists to install their artwork.

A further development is that The Big Local Revoe-lution group will be turning 77  Central Drive into a Big Local Community Hub which will be manned by local volunteers. More information to follow soon.

Round 1 artists are: Tom Ireland, Linzi Cason and Brendan Bunting and they were selected by a panel made up from local community representatives. You will be able to see their work on display from Wednesday 17 April for four weeks at 77-81 Central Drive.

Round 2 artists are: Aunty Social, Boz Phillips and Lisa Wigham whose work will be on display from Saturday 18 May – Sun 16 June.

Round 3 artists are Laura Brennan, Alchemy (Gold Arts Award) and The Langdale photography Group. Their work will be on display from Thursday 20th June – Wed 17th July.

More information about the artists who will be displaying their work will follow over the forthcoming weeks.


IMGP0518 copy

Supercollider is pleased to announce Waiting For The Main Event; an exhibition of new works by Catherine Payton.

Waiting For The Main Event is an exhibition in limbo. Confronted initially by the characters of Payton’s films (all played by the artist), viewers enter a space in which they may find themselves feeling excluded from ‘the action’. Curtains and drapery play a crucial role in developing a further sense of anticipation understood within a common trope of theatre and film, not to mention comedy: anyone visiting the gallery toilet and then re-entering the space may feel like Tommy Cooper taking three minutes to find his way to the front of the curtain, or Eric Morecambe looking for the key to get back behind it. The material is also suggestive of the public seance or a Medium’s stage backdrop – recurrent themes in Payton’s work – akin to the curtain that concealed one of the greatest charlatans, the Wizard of Oz: the emerald green satin being pulled aside by Toto to reveal the masterly trick.

Each film aims to form an ‘almost’ portrait, with the characters performing shaky tableaux vivants, occupying emotional spaces that swing between anticipation and boredom.

References to theatre, literature, films, the occult, and the comedic all permeate Payton’s work, but give way to an overarching paradox or loop – the pairing of a willing suspension of disbelief and a self-confessed charlatanism. The works leave us wanting to suspend disbelief, to be drawn into the implausible reality infront of us, whilst Payton’s conscientious amateurism reveals the trick to us repeatedly, acknowledging and referring to the construction of that reality. It is this cognitive dissonance that gives the work it’s lasting hold.

Waiting For The Main Event will coincide with Showzam!; Blackpool’s annual festival of circus, magic and new variety which will take place between 15 – 24 February 2013 at sites across the town as well as the annual Blackpool Magic Convention; the worlds largest magic convention which will take place from Friday 22nd through until Sunday 24th February 2013. Both of these events provide a fitting context within which to consider Payton’s ongoing investigations.

The exhibition is on now until 02 March 2013 at Supercollider Contemporary Art Projects, 59 Cookson Street.

www.supercolliderhq.org.uk / info@supercolliderhq.org.uk