Blackpool Council  supported 28 artists, 2 arts organisations, and 7 community groups to develop 33 new commissions for display in empty shops in the town centre of Blackpool, from the summer of 2010 to the spring of 2012.

The Culture Shops 2010-2012 Programme also provided grant funding for Supercollider Contemporary Art Projects, an artist run initiative to curate a programme of art installations at a specific site, 59 Cookson Street. Support was also provided to develop this site as a gallery space. For current exhibitions visit,   http://www.supercolliderhq.org.uk/

The Culture Shops programme was developed and managed by Blackpool’s Arts Service and supported by the Arts Council through their Art in Empty Spaces initiative with funding from the Arts Lottery and the Department for Communities and Local Government Looking After Our Town Centres’ Initiative.

Currently, March to September 2013, the Arts Service is working with Neighbourhood Services, to develop 9 new commissions for Blackpool Culture Shops Central Drive,  with support from Blackpool CVS and Revoe Big Local.

You can comment on the installations on our blog https://blackpoolcultureshops.wordpress.com


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