Aunty Social’s Knittaz With Attitude group has been furiously knitting and crocheting to create a knitted local street scene in the shop window on Central Drive.  Members of the knitting group have contributed pieces of knitting which have been combined to create 3D models.  
Who has helped?
A variety of people.  Absolute beginners to knitting ninjas.  Ages range from 9 years to 88.  We’ve also had contributions posted in from other towns across the UK. 
The next stage is to work with local people on a number of yarnbombs (knitted graffiti) located in the streets around the area which will tie in (no pun intended) with the window installation.  We will also include objects made by workshop participants in the display.  
Get involved
If you want to come and yarnbomb with us, take a look at www.auntysocial.co.uk or www.facebook.com/loveauntysocial  for information on dates and times.  New knitters/crocheters will also get a free ‘starter kit’ with needles/hooks and wool so that you can continue your new hobby at home.
Aunty Social’s installation will be on display until 16 June 2013.

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