Using recycled materials, Boz Phillips and Mr Dee have created animals and pet shop supplies to install into one of the empty shops on Central Drive (previously Mikeys carpets and for many years before, the Charmanta hairdressers).

 The story of the shop…

Proprietor Dr Evoe left his job as a nuclear scientist in 1973 and decided to open a pet shop in Blackpool.
The animals in the ‘Fantasy Pet Shop’ (Dr Evoe’s Pet Shop) have been there for some time. They have been eating the pet food left in the shop. The pet food ‘suitable for all pets big or small’ was patented by its proprietor, who left to go on holiday in 1974, but never returned. The animals left there have now changed and are taking over the shop…

The story was the inspiration for the children to draw ‘Fantasy Pets’ during a workshop at Ibbison Court Centre and for the children of year four at Revoe Primary  School during their art class. A group of home-schooled children from the area also participated.

This was the children’s brief

All we require from your young people is drawings of ‘Fantasy Animals’. Their drawings will be the inspiration for the work we make in the shop window. We will use their ‘fantasy animals’ to make animals in 2d and 3d. The children may have ideas about –

What colour the animals are
Will the animals have fur, scales or feathers or a mixture of these?
Will the animals be big or small?
Will they be a mixture of 2 or 3 animals e.g. – a mouse with an elephants head? An alligator with a mouse’s tail?

And we included the story above minus Dr Evoe’s name

Using the drawings,  Boz Phillips and Mr Dee created animals and other items for the shop: ‘We already had our own ideas about what items to include in the shop. We also wanted to work with the children from the area and find a way of incorporating their art works in to the Fantasy Pet Shop. Inspiring their imaginations through a story using fantasy animals as a theme we felt that the children could participate in this community project.’

All the animals have been made using the designs/ ideas and images drawn by the local children. The name of the shop was kept a secret until the date of the installation, as we wanted this to be a surprise for the community and the children.

Community participation of local children, recycling and paying homage to the history of the area has been key to our aims for the work. We also wanted to make the work fun and engaging for all ages. The shop is being recycled as well as the area being rejuvenated and we have used recycled materials to create all the work

The shop sign ‘Dr Evoe’s Pets Shop’ on the window is sign written in a style that harks back to shops of the past. The items in the shop are based on vintage packaging and the animals and the other packaging aim to raise a smile.

We hope you enjoy the work. Check out our facebook page:


For their help and support we would like to thank

The children of Revoe and Central Drive area

Revoe School and their year 4 pupils

Julie Moore

Leslie O’Toole

Our friends

Revoe Library

Ibbison Court Community Centre

The Central Drive community

Friends of Muir Housing

Dr Evoe’s Pet Shop will be exhibited as part of the Central Drive Culture Shops project until 16th June.



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