interior shop photo

Artist Brendan Bunting recently spent time interacting with the community around Central Drive and talking to and photographing local shoppers to make up this installation for the Central Drive Culture Shops project,  a partnership between Blackpool Council’s Arts Service and Neighbourhoods Services, The Big Local Revoe-lution and CVS to bring three new rounds of artists displaying work over the spring / summer 2013.

Brendan’s photographs inspired this series of figurative drawings that incorporate some of the quotes taken from conversations with members of the Central Drive community.

“My artwork is inspired by not only the local community, but the resurgence of the high street. Thanks in part to the recent distrust in big chain supermarket brands, and people wanting fresh produce sourced locally, we have seen an increase in people buying their goods locally.

My work celebrates the vibrant and friendly feeling you get from taking a walk down local high streets like Central Drive. And it not only uses the images of the local community to translate the message, but their thoughts about the shopping hub that is Central Drive.”

Little Shoppers will be exhibited at 77-81 Central Drive until Tuesday 14 May.

You can find out more about Brendan Bunting and his artwork at: www.dapperart.com/


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