dog image Linzi Cason

Would you like to take part in the ‘The Found Project’?

Round 1 of Central Drive Culture Shops includes work by photographer Linzi Cason who recently bought a vintage camera that contained an undeveloped roll of film. Linzi then developed this film and she was surprised by the visual story that unfolded of a man, a woman and a dog who likes very large bones…

Get Involved: Linzi is seeking your short stories or poems to interpret these pictures, the results of which will be used to build on the exhibition.

Please feel free to write your own short story or poem and post it through the letterbox of the shop on Central Drive to be featured alongside the photographs. You can also email Linzi your story or poem to the email address below.

“My artwork has predominantly been expressed in the medium of photography and explores daily life events and documenting my hometown Blackpool.

From the start of my photography education my eyes were opened up to the world in a different light. I am able to look at the banal and every day with creativity and inspiration to complete projects.

The main thread of portraits in my portfolio earned their places by having an interesting story behind them. I usually find that older generations have the most extraordinary stories and this is what I strive to capture in my photography.

The next chapter of my photography life stems from photos that aren’t my own. We constantly immerse ourselves in new imagery everyday whether we like it or not and looking back is always key to learning our future. Why not explore what others have done previously in such a way that I know nothing about the photographer? This means I am getting nearer to my own opinion with no preconceived ideas about the photographers history.:

For more information, please contact Linzi Cason at linzi@linzicasonphotography.co.uk


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