The Magical Mystery Tour Is Coming To Take You Away

These works are inspired by one of Blackpool’s ‘Holy Trinity’. Besides the Tower and the Pleasure Beach, Blackpool is world famous for its lights. Alongside the Illuminations, the Golden Mile is lit up by thousands of lights on arcades and shop fronts, creating a whirling kaleidoscope of colour. These paintings take their cue from the lights and colours that stretch along the Promenade, and which fascinate visitors to “The Greatest Free Light Show On Earth”.

 Taking elements from the Golden Mile, John Marc Allen has taken a bold and bright Pop Art style approach to representing some of the key elements of Blackpool’s brash and colourful landscape, using gloss paints and primary colours to create the images.

In keeping with Allen’s tradition of using song titles or lyrics for his work, sometimes for fun and sometimes to maybe give the viewer another context to look at the work, the title of the exhibition comes from The Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles.

John Marc Allen will be exhibiting his work alongside local artists Garth Gratrix, Micheal Cassidy and the Langdale Centre Photography Group from Friday 13th April at Bar Red, St Johns Square, Church Street, Blackpool. There will be a launch event at FYCreatives, Church Street from 6-8pm on Friday 13th April, with a tour of the windows at 6.30pm.

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