Robin Ross’s exhibition ‘Outside Inside’ demonstrates the paste up style favoured by many urban artists, particularly in New York and Berlin.

The process involves screen printing onto newsprint and sugar paper and then mixing wheat paste to adhere the prints to walls, doors and found items which are exposed to the elements and fade over time giving them a unique quality. Art on the streets for the streets.

Print makers are influenced by print, photo and hand cut stencils, whichever gives the finished print it’s heart. 
Urban street artists are now found in galleries worldwide and the genre has become acceptable to anyone who can see beyond the very humble beginnings of an artist painting in their neighbourhood.  Some established contemporary artists are collaborating with the Urban World which has escaped the darkness and seclusion of a night time masquerade to the so called main stream, and long may it continue. The street is their gallery so the gallery becomes the street.
You can meet Robin Ross at the Culture Shops launch on Friday 7th February, 6pm at FYCreatives, Church Street, Blackpool.

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