Supercollider Contemporary Art Projects is pleased to announce its next contribution to the Blackpool Culture Shops programme, a newly commissioned work for the window space at 56 Cookson by James Clarkson.

Through painting and sculpture James Clarkson’s practice explores a sensuality of material and imagery, in which methods of production rooted in modernism are tested by the potential of an object or image to change under a new set of concerns. His paintings become a part of this process, breaking down historical artworks through nuance and abstraction into pure shape and colour, to be used as an instruction for the creation of new sculptural works. The materials James uses in these works are often found or selected as references to materials used historically, in the production of sculpture and design (bronze, marble, ceramics etc). This process is an attempt to implement a method of working where potentially there isn’t much difference between the objects in his paintings and their surrounding material.

James is an artist based at S1 Artspace in Sheffield. He was recently features in Modern Painters ‘100 Artists to Watch’ list.

James Clarkson’s Two Birds in Space, 2011 will be on shown throughout December 2011 and January 2012 at 56 Cookson Street.


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