10 – 28 OCTOBER

Supercollider is pleased to announce the next exhibition in partnership with FYCreatives. For this exhibition Supercollider is pleased to welcome Lisa Wigham; whose exhibition In The Fall will be the next in Semiconductor series of exhibitions.

Wigham employs a quietly playful and poetic use of language, used to present narratives that prompt reminiscence. Through essence, reduction of information and fragments, narratives are teased from juxtapositions allowing for association between object, site and memory.

Wigham’s background as a printmaker and the pursuit of the depiction of landscape has lead to a preoccupation with change of season and its metaphors for human emotions. 

In The Fall utilises the double meaning of fall as a point of departure – the word fall recalling both a seasonal reference and a state of losing footing or balance. For Wigham this state is considered a component to creativity; “in that the creative processes possess a cycle of problems to resolutions. The fall is, therefore, part of the story of its production”.

The fall retains the suggestion of English melancholy in a transatlantic location.

In The Fall is on show now at FYCreatives /154 – 158 Church St / FY1 3PS. HOURS: MON – FRI 9am – 5 pm (or by prior appointment).


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